Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mafi 7ada a7san Min 7ada

A friend forwarded this article to me, in hopes that i would understand how "Bad" jews are, as apposed to "us Muslims"

Bless her heart... i know she meant well, and I know that many Arabs/Muslims out there, do this on a regular basis... cause i get stuff like this all the time... That's why i'm blogging about it...

I recommend to everyone that before getting carried away and mass emailing all your friends, take the time to read things carefully and self-criticize first. Whoever you are, most likely, the religion u belong to, does the same thing you criticize in other religions, just differently.

I recognize that some of the things in the article are true, the only thing is, she's not talking about the "Jews" she's talking about Isreal... and all the facts she mentioned are facts about the state of Israel... which we all know is a political/money/power thing, not a religious thing... so the beginning of her email doesn't match with the rest of it. If she wanted to prove that they were despised in history she should have gone a bit further then 1948... this is just a racist article, and it's not even a good one... brought to you by the same people who wrote: Why Muslims Are Evil?

You can see this VERY clearly in this sentence: I found out that the Jews are responsible for our wide open immigration policies that have created the nightmare we call "multiculturalism," "diversity," inclusiveness" and "pluralism."

LOL is she for real? so this means she is also against me, and any Arab, or Hispanic, Chinese... etc entering the U.S.A. I smell a "Christo/republican" bigot all over this article.
And she's blaming the "jews" for gays and ahhhhhh, religious people are so predictable.

Also, it's interesting how she was shocked by the description of Christians (or non Jews) as barn animals... hmmm...
Can u think of another religion that claims the same thing? i believe the exact words in the Qura'an are: "Qirada wa khanazeer"

Which by the way, is so funny to me... as if for God calling you a name of an animal is some sort of curse!?! LOL inno if i was God and i created pigs & monkeys, i would be like: "Pigs & Monkeys suck... therefore when i'm mad at humans, i shall refer to them as Pigs & Monkeys..." LOL WHAT'S WRONG WITH PIGS & MONKEYS??? This just goes to show you the HUMAN "element" in the Qura'an... i mean don't you think that "GOD" could come up with a better curse word than to compare one of his creations to another?!?!?

Anyway, not to go off the subject, also look at this sentence:

They have taken Christmas out of the public school calendar despite the fact that it is a statutory holiday and it is named Christmas.

What other religious group does this?
Not only did they abolish Christmas, but also Valentine's day and any other holiday for that matter..

Now, u might say: "but that's not Islam, that's just Saudi Arabia" and i can answer: "That's not Judaism, that's just Israel/Zionism."

So you see my friend, mafi 7ada a7san min 7ada... or let me rephrase: mafi 7ada meddayyen a7san min 7ada meddayyen... They are all equally hateful & vengeful and blinded by their "FAITH", and they all LOVE to separate themselves from the "OTHERS" to say they are better... and the funny part about the whole thing is, non of them chose to be who they are... they were just the fastest sperm swimming in their fathers testicles... Testicles who just happened to belong to a Jewish man, a Christian man, or a Muslim man... shi bida7ek

Friday, August 08, 2008

Quote of the day (now this one is MINE)

I'm actually very proud of this one :)

"I'd rather come from Monkeys than from incest"- Leafless Eve

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