Monday, December 15, 2008

Bush: The Legacy

Bush dodges flying shoes!

LOOOL It would have been even funnier if he actually got'em!

Can you imagine how long this guy has been waiting to do this?
He had his one chance (well, actually 2 chances) to get the president and he missed! on top of all that, he got arrested... poor dude.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lebanese DNA

Kalam al Nas - LBC - 30/10/2008, Pierre Zalloua

What has been discovered indicates that the genetic make up of the Lebanese, especially those of the coastal areas, is Phoenician.

Shameful Lebanese Official Indifference:
What remains to be ruminated with impunity is why do the authorities of Lebanese National Museum* continue to shamefully ignore Phoenician heritage, at the same time, the Lebanese Ministry of Culture continues to ignore the mission of the National Geographic Magazine and the work of Dr. Zalloua? In addition to declining to give Dr. Zalloua access to Phoenician DNA samples at the National Museum while the terms Phoenicia and the Phoenicians continue to remain anathematized by all official Lebanese government circles.

* Shamefully, the word "Phoenicians" is banned anathema from the Lebanese National Museum where artifacts are dated and referenced according to millennia or ages but never using the "forbidden name."

For the entire story: National Geographic and IBM Genographic Project

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My latest nocturnal thought...

I'm boycotting monotheism, since it's a Jewish invention....!

(That's gotta make me a better Arab then boycotting jeans?! looool)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Revisiting the dual

I was thinking the other day about "the devil".
Basically, he's a fallen angel cause he said something stupid a billion years ago, and we're still paying for it?!
So he was a bit pissed at God's new toys (or "creations"), and got a little jealous and talked some shit...... but that was a LONG time ago...

What if he got bored already??? Maybe 500 years ago he went to God and was like: "This is booooooringgggg... these people suck... they're SOOO predictable... plus you're offering them virgins and stuff... Not fair... i don't wanna play anymore... and i need to catch up on my sleep... later G"

God: "But but wait... so I WON?! ahaaaaaa... admit it! i won! Oh Comeee ooonnnn don't go... now who am i gonna play with?"

Great! So now we have a bored God! (Actually, that explains ALOT!)

All i'm saying is, we all know that the devil is not patient, so i'm sure he's over it already... So maybe it's time someone came up with a better story about why there's evil in the world... cause this one is kind of lame... even for the devil himself

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A drive thru misery...

After dropping off the kids at school this morning, I was listening to BBC radio, and they were talking about child trafficking in Afghanistan. Women are selling their children for $200 or sometimes $100!
I've heard of this phenomena before, but i never really thought about it deeply, until i had my own kids.
At first my reaction was: How could they? How do you have the heart to watch your child leave with a stranger to the unknown? The only thing that you do know is that you will probably never see them again!

One of the women that had sold her 4 year old started talking... She said: "It's not just for the money, i gave up my child because I'm hoping he will go to a family with better living conditions, so he can be safe & he can live a good life."

I felt the pain in her voice... But still i thought: Ok.... But why do they keep having kids if they can't even afford to feed themselves, let alone a child? Is it selfishness?
Is it selfish of me to assume that they should know better?

I wanted to imagine myself as her for a moment...
Uneducated, poor, and living in a war torn country... Did she really CHOOSE anything?

These women can't get an education, even learning to read has to be done in secret, they have to marry at a very young age, get pregnant immediately after, and then reality hits: Everything that you've been taught about your duty as a woman has led to this.
You can't work if you can't even read, (that's if there are any jobs available in your area)
You can't keep having kids... but you can't exactly deny your husband sex either...
You are stuck! You obeyed all the rules and now you are faced with having to sell a child to feed his brother!
If that's not agony, i don't know what isIf that's not agony.

On top of all that, there is a big chance you will be arrested cause it's illegal!
It's not illegal that you can't get an education... it's not illegal that you get married at 12... it's not illegal that you have to wear a bag covering your entire body in the scorching heat... But it's illegal to give your child away in hope that he/she will have a better life then you ever did.

Shouldn't the govt. solve the root of the problem first, before punishing this woman?
The cost of keeping her in a jail cell would have prevented her from giving her child away in the first place!
Do they really think that this woman had any other option?

I'm not saying selling children should be legal... But for one thing: the laws of an uncivilized society are usually only exercised on the weak... Ya, she's put in jail, yet the person that bought the child is home free & probably on the first plane out of Afghanistan...
Second: These women have to abide by one ridiculous law after the other, without having ONE law that actually protects them... so what good is it that they follow any of them?

If it was me, I would probably go crazy! Not that i would last one day in Afghanistan, but if i did, I would be angry, and vengeful and I won't even know why or at whom.
Well, angry at the world! A world that makes these situations possible...

We are allowing this to happen... we are all responsible... Greedy & selfish decision makers, with greedy & selfish people backing them up...

I don't know how to save the world, but as a mother, all I know is: No woman should ever be put in this position... No woman should be subjected to this kind of suffering.

Then I got home... and i went about my day as usual............ forgetting all about the subject.

I guess the least thing i can do is blog about it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Economic crisis goes hand in hand with climate crisis

With so much focus on the economy, one might assume that it's not the time for looking at the climate problems... but that's actually a wrong assessment. We need to change the way we do business now more then ever... As a result of living beyond our means we have contributed to both the economic crisis & global warming. Wars, deforestation, and depending on oil (Opec) are leading to less natural resources, poverty, and more diseases... We cannot ignore the situation any longer.

Spread the word... Save the planet.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quote of the day

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mafi 7ada a7san Min 7ada

A friend forwarded this article to me, in hopes that i would understand how "Bad" jews are, as apposed to "us Muslims"

Bless her heart... i know she meant well, and I know that many Arabs/Muslims out there, do this on a regular basis... cause i get stuff like this all the time... That's why i'm blogging about it...

I recommend to everyone that before getting carried away and mass emailing all your friends, take the time to read things carefully and self-criticize first. Whoever you are, most likely, the religion u belong to, does the same thing you criticize in other religions, just differently.

I recognize that some of the things in the article are true, the only thing is, she's not talking about the "Jews" she's talking about Isreal... and all the facts she mentioned are facts about the state of Israel... which we all know is a political/money/power thing, not a religious thing... so the beginning of her email doesn't match with the rest of it. If she wanted to prove that they were despised in history she should have gone a bit further then 1948... this is just a racist article, and it's not even a good one... brought to you by the same people who wrote: Why Muslims Are Evil?

You can see this VERY clearly in this sentence: I found out that the Jews are responsible for our wide open immigration policies that have created the nightmare we call "multiculturalism," "diversity," inclusiveness" and "pluralism."

LOL is she for real? so this means she is also against me, and any Arab, or Hispanic, Chinese... etc entering the U.S.A. I smell a "Christo/republican" bigot all over this article.
And she's blaming the "jews" for gays and ahhhhhh, religious people are so predictable.

Also, it's interesting how she was shocked by the description of Christians (or non Jews) as barn animals... hmmm...
Can u think of another religion that claims the same thing? i believe the exact words in the Qura'an are: "Qirada wa khanazeer"

Which by the way, is so funny to me... as if for God calling you a name of an animal is some sort of curse!?! LOL inno if i was God and i created pigs & monkeys, i would be like: "Pigs & Monkeys suck... therefore when i'm mad at humans, i shall refer to them as Pigs & Monkeys..." LOL WHAT'S WRONG WITH PIGS & MONKEYS??? This just goes to show you the HUMAN "element" in the Qura'an... i mean don't you think that "GOD" could come up with a better curse word than to compare one of his creations to another?!?!?

Anyway, not to go off the subject, also look at this sentence:

They have taken Christmas out of the public school calendar despite the fact that it is a statutory holiday and it is named Christmas.

What other religious group does this?
Not only did they abolish Christmas, but also Valentine's day and any other holiday for that matter..

Now, u might say: "but that's not Islam, that's just Saudi Arabia" and i can answer: "That's not Judaism, that's just Israel/Zionism."

So you see my friend, mafi 7ada a7san min 7ada... or let me rephrase: mafi 7ada meddayyen a7san min 7ada meddayyen... They are all equally hateful & vengeful and blinded by their "FAITH", and they all LOVE to separate themselves from the "OTHERS" to say they are better... and the funny part about the whole thing is, non of them chose to be who they are... they were just the fastest sperm swimming in their fathers testicles... Testicles who just happened to belong to a Jewish man, a Christian man, or a Muslim man... shi bida7ek

Friday, August 08, 2008

Quote of the day (now this one is MINE)

I'm actually very proud of this one :)

"I'd rather come from Monkeys than from incest"- Leafless Eve

Monday, June 23, 2008

RIP George Carlin

I loved this guy... I've seen almost all his stand ups... i saw him live once in FL too... He was amazing.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Stay Lebanese!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arab bloggers

This part just cracked me up:
But the Syrian government says it is protecting its national security against a spam campaign started by "Israelis who infiltrated the Syrian internet community."


Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm lovin' it

I heard this song on the radio 2 or 3 times, and i had no idea who sings it... then i FOUND it by just searching one word from the lyrics... i love the internet... i love this song

".........I’m leaving for Venus
In a getaway car
No one can save us
It’s no need to try.........."

Monday, February 11, 2008

well said...

I love this quote... it summarizes how I feel about religion & religious people:
"...tolerance of intolerance is cowardice."

Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's all in the name :)

لاسمها طريق الى قلبك

"دانيا" الطفلة الدائمة مغناطيس الرجال
"دانيا" وما أدركم من هي "دانيا"... منها سيدنو الرجال وهم يغمضون العيون، فجاذبية صاحبة هذا الإسم كفيلة تنويم مقاومة الرجال مغناطيسياً وجعلهم يتقربون منها برضاهم أو رغماً عنهم. من يعرف "دانيا" لا بد أن يصفها بكلمة "طيّوبة كتير"، فهي لذيذة وغنوجة ومرحة وتضج حيوية وشرارات إيجابية. في عينيها يلمع الذكاء وتبرق "الحربقة" رغم البراءة التي تشع منهما. طفلة دائمة حتى لو أصبحت في الثمانين من العمر، وغالباً ما تملك صاحبة هذا الاسم قلباً أبيض كثلج صنين وحناناً دافئاَ كشمس بيروت. "دانيا" إمرأة منطلقة وغير متحفظة ، تثق بالآخرين بسرعة كبيرة وتؤمن أن الخير يتفوق على الشر. شكلها الخارجي جذاب جداً وهي غالباً ما تشبه الجنيات والساحرات بشعرها الطويل والمسافر خلفها بجنون وحركة لا تهدأ. تبحث عن رجل مرح وحنون، يهتم بها ويشعرها أنها أغلى الناس وأحلى الناس في حياته، وخصوصاً أنها أهم ما في حياته، فلا ينسى موعدهما لأنه غارق في العمل مثلاً، لأنها قادرة على جعله يغرق في السعادة إذا أحسن معاملتها.
(This was posted on, but the link is no longer available since they do a different name each week)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On my 32nd birthday...

I was on the roads of Beirut at 5:00am... a lot of rain, a lot of wind... I was dropping mom off at the airport... Rawsheh was wet & empty... The sea looked agitated...
I had a very long quiet drive back home... turned on the radio for a while, and i'm glad i did... There's something about the radio in the morning... News tid bits... oldies... it's refreshing... it's been a while since i've woken up this early! I should do this more often...

I let the kids stay home from school... it was way to cold & rainy... plus it's my birthday, I wanted to watch them sleep... i can't think of a better gift to myself :)
I fell asleep next to them, and I wasn't sure if I was keeping them warm, or they were keeping me warm...... either way... i was loving it...

I woke up a few times answering phone calls from family, friends & loved ones :)

After having my coffee, I made Thai noodles with chicken for lunch... a very late lunch...

Couldn't really go anywhere... and I didn't really want to... the weather was getting meaner and meaner...

The weather is such a great distraction... even though there was so much tension after Sundays riots, now... from my balcony, i can see the mountains with all the small lights... I can read the minds of everyone in these homes... they are in awe of nature... nothing else seems to matter...

There was hail late at night... which is unusual... My garden was covered with little white spots that look like candy :) I guess that was another gift for me :)

Before going to bed... I made a few resolutions... i'm hoping to keep most of them :)

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