Monday, January 29, 2007

I moved a box today...

You know on surveys, when they ask you to check a box for your age...
Well, now i have to check THIS BOX! ----->

I moved an ENTIRE BOX in one day :(
(Happy i-feel-old day to me)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

Garden of Eden

I've had this picture in my drafts for a while, so i figured it's time to post it now as per all the complaints of the lack of "leaflessness" :)

Ok, It's not me, but it's as close as your gonna get to seeing me "Leafless" ;)

(The photo is done digitally, it's one of the many amazing works of Gale Franey)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sho ya3ni "I LOVE LIFE"?
I heard someone asking that...
And i thought... "keef sho ya3ni?"
For me it was very clear... and very simple.
There's a very good reason why it was chosen for this campaign.
Those who HAVE a life just want to live it...
Those who "love life" don't believe that there religion comes BEFORE there patriotism. They see another way of "life"... They see a Lebanese strategy on how to defend the country.
The slogan is short and sweet to say, I CHOOSE to live this way... I reject your distorted political views, and your so called "cause" for dying.
On the other hand, those who lived all there lives under the brain wash & control of a militia, don't know another way to live. They are not very concerned with living THIS life anyway. They are waiting to "live" in the afterlife. It's another double edge sword that organized religion awarded humanity. Putting so much importance on the after life (hoping that would make better human beings) minimizes the importance of the role we play now, before we die.
So they talk about what "GOD" wants for hours and hours on TV. They pray all day... They create a "Hizb" for God. They even claim DIVINE victories... They think that's there DUTY. That's the reason they are here on earth. They know NOTHING else. "Moqawameh", or THE FIGHT is there LIFE.
So that's the culture clash... That's the fundamental problem.
(hmmm... i just thought of something, maybe there should be a "counter slogan" for Hizballa that reads: I LOVE THE AFTER LIFE... i just might photoshop that, and see if it
Anyway, the point is, the slogan is very appropriate.
I love life, means I REJECT fighting for "ideological" causes. I love life, means i want an end to political assassinations. I love life, means the only way you'll get me to fight to DEFEND my country is under the command of my OFFICIAL army, and not under any militia that hands me a weapon and tells me to fight, so i can be a hero or a martyr. I love life, means i just want to raise my 2 children (Yes, ONLY 2) and educate them here in Lebanon, and not somewhere else... I want to be able to offer them a hate free environment... a war free environment. I love life means: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE. I'M ALIVE NOW. AND I LOVE IT. SO LET ME BE.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years, and did u see the video?!

The video of Saddams execution was the only thing people talked about at the end of this holiday season.....
I was busy partying, but.... i saved the ranting for my blog :)
First of all: Who cares what day they hang him? I wish people would stop giving importance to silly calendar dates... What's a day in the span of history?
3eed Adha, Christmas...bla bla They are just excuses to get drunk, or pray or do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself, feel like you "belong", and that you are part of something.
So, just because you take the holidays seriously, doesn't mean everyone else does... Especially if they are in the middle of a bloody civil war! They want to get rid of this guy ASAP, they don't care if it's Gods birthday or if it's the day when someone sacrificed a goat 100000 years ago.
Second, we Arabs/Muslims should stop feeling bad about something that is generally acceptable in our culture & religion. All of a sudden, we are FULL of emotions! "Ya 7araam Saddam"!
If you are against the death penalty, like myself and most of Europe, i could see how you can view his hanging as inhumane. But if you aren't, then what's the BIG DEAL? Was it the way he was killed? According to the real Shari3a law he was supposed to be beheaded with a sword! Imagine that? So, what the heck are you complaining about?
Yesss i know he's not the ONLY murderer... and i don't get it when people say: "Sho howeh el wa7eed illy attal 3alam?" LOL what does that mean? Do they suggest that he should be free, cause we can't catch them all???

I feel bad if ANYONE is killed, but that doesn't mean I'm about to defend a murderer and make him into something he's not. It's sad that we are so desperate for a hero, that we make a murdering a dictator into a martyr.
I also don't agree with the way it was done, it was very 3rd world, but after all, that's Iraq. That's how they used to hang people during Saddams time.
I have respect for human life as well as human death, and shouting stupid slogans at someone as he's being hanged is so low & disgusting... But you are dealing with "nawar"... Uncivilized grade C govt. officials in a 3rd world country that is in total ruins! What did you expect? something decent? Something organized?
Ya, if the Americans took care of it, maybe. But ofcourse the U.S. won't have any part of it, cause then you will have every angry Arab screaming, LOOK AT THE AMERICANS KILLING SADDAM!
Even if the Americans did it by lethal injection, in a clean place, with his loved ones praying around him. So why bother... Let the Iraqis take care of it THERE WAY.
The point is, i don't believe in the death penalty, but the Iraqis do, and the Shari3a does... The Iraqi court gave the sentence, and the Shari3a law blessed it: "Al qatel, yoqtal". (Tranlsation: The killer should be killed)
I wish the Muslim/Arab world would stop being so hypocritical.

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