Monday, December 15, 2008

Bush: The Legacy

Bush dodges flying shoes!

LOOOL It would have been even funnier if he actually got'em!

Can you imagine how long this guy has been waiting to do this?
He had his one chance (well, actually 2 chances) to get the president and he missed! on top of all that, he got arrested... poor dude.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lebanese DNA

Kalam al Nas - LBC - 30/10/2008, Pierre Zalloua

What has been discovered indicates that the genetic make up of the Lebanese, especially those of the coastal areas, is Phoenician.

Shameful Lebanese Official Indifference:
What remains to be ruminated with impunity is why do the authorities of Lebanese National Museum* continue to shamefully ignore Phoenician heritage, at the same time, the Lebanese Ministry of Culture continues to ignore the mission of the National Geographic Magazine and the work of Dr. Zalloua? In addition to declining to give Dr. Zalloua access to Phoenician DNA samples at the National Museum while the terms Phoenicia and the Phoenicians continue to remain anathematized by all official Lebanese government circles.

* Shamefully, the word "Phoenicians" is banned anathema from the Lebanese National Museum where artifacts are dated and referenced according to millennia or ages but never using the "forbidden name."

For the entire story: National Geographic and IBM Genographic Project

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