Sunday, December 06, 2009

The issue with Hair

It seems us Arabs have an "issue" with hair... Controversy over covering it up or not, shaving the beard or not, waxing or not... what's the deal?

I understand that "grooming" habits change from culture to culture... but this is really silly...

The obsession with Hair is also apparent with our neighbors, the Jews. Hasidic Jewish men grow out of control beards too, and the women actually wear wigs, so that they don't show their hair! Smart... why didn't we think of that? Tricking God! Those Jews... always

Surprisingly, I never addressed the hijab controversy on this blog... but i guess it was bound to happen, so here it is:

Covering a woman's hair is not about obligation or morals or obedience, it's just another example of how MAN managed to take away a huge part of the female "power".

I once had extensions put in my hair, and i gotta tell you, the feeling was AMAZING... when i went out, and the wind was blowing my hair (and my fake hair) i felt like Samson! so STRONG... like i'm gonna fly! i can never imagine cutting my hair short... let alone covering it. Why do you think women have phrases like "bad-hair day"? cause hair is THAT important... You don't feel "pretty" unless your hair is clean & neat... When you feel "pretty" you feel confident, and men don't really want that. They want you helpless, weak and timid.

Yes, your Hair is your POWER... men understand this, and they resent us for it... they can't stand the fact that we have "sexual" power... so they somehow managed to trick us into believing that covering up is about conservativeness or being discreet... which is B.S. A covered woman can be as sexual and as deviant as any other.

Besides, if the point is to drive attention away from yourself so that you don't commit any "sins", you can just go out looking like crap... don't shower, and dress like a bum, that'll do it...

Now, if you happened to be one of those extremely beautiful women, then you just have to ask all the men in your town to do what "God" suggested: Cover up! Yes, let THEM cover their eyes so they can't see YOU. Let's see how they feel with covering their faces, and walking with a blind dog. Sure they will find it hard at first, but the reward will come in the afterlife :P
Now where have you heard that phrase before? lol

This idea sounds absurd, but for me so is covering up a womans HEAD!

Why do WE have to make our lives more difficult so that we can prevent a man from having "impure" thoughts? Why should we not enjoy a day at the beach, like men do? where is the "divine wisdom" in that? Do you really think it's a coincidence that all these so called divine rules are made to cater to men and their egos?

So as for hijab, i say: My hair is a RED LINE, (and it's also red, but that's besides the No one will be able to convince me that it's a divine obligation, cause i'm sure the almighty is not sitting there trying to figure out how to make the lives of the male population easier...

And to anyone that still thinks this is my OBLIGATION, i say:


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