Friday, October 17, 2008

Revisiting the dual

I was thinking the other day about "the devil".
Basically, he's a fallen angel cause he said something stupid a billion years ago, and we're still paying for it?!
So he was a bit pissed at God's new toys (or "creations"), and got a little jealous and talked some shit...... but that was a LONG time ago...

What if he got bored already??? Maybe 500 years ago he went to God and was like: "This is booooooringgggg... these people suck... they're SOOO predictable... plus you're offering them virgins and stuff... Not fair... i don't wanna play anymore... and i need to catch up on my sleep... later G"

God: "But but wait... so I WON?! ahaaaaaa... admit it! i won! Oh Comeee ooonnnn don't go... now who am i gonna play with?"

Great! So now we have a bored God! (Actually, that explains ALOT!)

All i'm saying is, we all know that the devil is not patient, so i'm sure he's over it already... So maybe it's time someone came up with a better story about why there's evil in the world... cause this one is kind of lame... even for the devil himself

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