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The issue with Hair

It seems us Arabs have an "issue" with hair... Controversy over covering it up or not, shaving the beard or not, waxing or not... what's the deal?

I understand that "grooming" habits change from culture to culture... but this is really silly...

The obsession with Hair is also apparent with our neighbors, the Jews. Hasidic Jewish men grow out of control beards too, and the women actually wear wigs, so that they don't show their hair! Smart... why didn't we think of that? Tricking God! Those Jews... always

Surprisingly, I never addressed the hijab controversy on this blog... but i guess it was bound to happen, so here it is:

Covering a woman's hair is not about obligation or morals or obedience, it's just another example of how MAN managed to take away a huge part of the female "power".

I once had extensions put in my hair, and i gotta tell you, the feeling was AMAZING... when i went out, and the wind was blowing my hair (and my fake hair) i felt like Samson! so STRONG... like i'm gonna fly! i can never imagine cutting my hair short... let alone covering it. Why do you think women have phrases like "bad-hair day"? cause hair is THAT important... You don't feel "pretty" unless your hair is clean & neat... When you feel "pretty" you feel confident, and men don't really want that. They want you helpless, weak and timid.

Yes, your Hair is your POWER... men understand this, and they resent us for it... they can't stand the fact that we have "sexual" power... so they somehow managed to trick us into believing that covering up is about conservativeness or being discreet... which is B.S. A covered woman can be as sexual and as deviant as any other.

Besides, if the point is to drive attention away from yourself so that you don't commit any "sins", you can just go out looking like crap... don't shower, and dress like a bum, that'll do it...

Now, if you happened to be one of those extremely beautiful women, then you just have to ask all the men in your town to do what "God" suggested: Cover up! Yes, let THEM cover their eyes so they can't see YOU. Let's see how they feel with covering their faces, and walking with a blind dog. Sure they will find it hard at first, but the reward will come in the afterlife :P
Now where have you heard that phrase before? lol

This idea sounds absurd, but for me so is covering up a womans HEAD!

Why do WE have to make our lives more difficult so that we can prevent a man from having "impure" thoughts? Why should we not enjoy a day at the beach, like men do? where is the "divine wisdom" in that? Do you really think it's a coincidence that all these so called divine rules are made to cater to men and their egos?

So as for hijab, i say: My hair is a RED LINE, (and it's also red, but that's besides the No one will be able to convince me that it's a divine obligation, cause i'm sure the almighty is not sitting there trying to figure out how to make the lives of the male population easier...

And to anyone that still thinks this is my OBLIGATION, i say:



Katherine said...

Oh my gosh! I totally agree. Thanks for putting it out there :D

Nia Soul said...

omg we totally did!! probably because I got extensions and I feel/look like a million bucks. I totally agree with you (for once lol)

Khawwta said...

Totally agree with you

Pranati Banerjee said...

Excellent piece of thought.

Rumaitha said...

I have to respectfully disagree. In my opinion, the reason many people are not at ease with the idea of "Hijaab" is because they are not aware of its purpose or perhaps have not given it enough thought. There are a few key issues here:

1) The purpose of the Hijab is not restricted to just "modesty". There is a physical form of modesty and a modesty which is expected in one's behavior, thought, etc.

2) The Hijab is often, even by most Muslims, thought to be a covering for the head. This is not the case, the Hijab is the entire covering of the body and hair (there are different interpretations to how fat it goes, most agree that the least one must do is cover everything save for the face and hands).

3) People often see things from one perspective. Namely, many argue that it is absurd that a woman is expected to cover more than a man. This is also true in most Western societies where women, even at the beach, are expected to cover more than a man. I.e., a women would have to cover her chest while a man needs not.

4) The idea of "oppression" or men's "suppression" on women in itself is what I see as absurd when it comes to Islamic skeptics. First, a woman in a Western environment is often expected to carry out a certain image and that image is something most women have the hardest time living up to. In Islam, when a man is required to work and support his family while a woman is entitled to her own money which she is not required to spend on her family yet receives the reward of "charity" when she does while the mad doesn't, is it not the man who is oppressed? I can't even begin to point out the various forms of what one would call "oppression" for a man within Islam. The main difference is, men do not nag as much.

5) Men also have their physical form of Hijab, it is not limited merely to women. They have different requirements just as do those in the West where women are expected to cover more than men as well.

This can go on for a while. If you are wondering what other purposes the Hijab serves within the Islamic (as well as other faiths, even those outside of the Abrahamic faiths) faith, I am putting a blog together for that and hopefully will have it done soon. As for it being a form of oppression by men over women, there is one very important point I will be making in the post, God willing. I hope I have not offended you in anyway, it is just that I am often saddened by the views people have regarding rulings in Islam because of ignorance or because it has been presented falsely/not wholly to them.

Have a blessed Ramadan and peace be upon you.

Leafless Eve said...

1- So “modesty” (in a physical form) was not a requirement before Islam? The cave man & woman had no restrictions because MAN developed these rules and regulations as he went along. Everyone in the Middle East region used to wear some kind of head cover, even the men. So it has nothing to do with modesty.

2- Regardless of how it’s done, or how people interpret their “obligation” it’s still a requirement set by a MAN (and then society) in order to control women, cause they can’t bear their power.

3- What’s absurd is the idea that the creator of the universe, the all powerful, and the all knowledgeable cares about what I’m wearing!!! for me it's an insult to his greatness. (If you believe he exists)

4- Although in many Muslim countries Hijab is not a choice, which means it’s a form of oppression, for arguments sake, let’s talk about those who aren’t forced, but brainwashed: they don’t look at it as oppression. They look at it as a duty. Yet, the same “God” they are trying to please, also told them that they are indispensable (4 wives) and are half as good as a man (2 women witnesses= 1 man) If they didn’t think that THESE things are demeaning & oppressive, you think they will care about wearing a scarf?

5- Ya, but men aren’t obligated to abide by these “requirements” and will not be harassed or imprisoned if they don’t wear the proper attire. Besides, I think that’s also wrong. And the reason for it is most likely homophobic.

I’m not wondering what other “purposes” Hijab serves. I’m wondering why women want to convince themselves that following a dress code makes them good Muslims? You are a woman first and a Muslim second. If you were born Chinese, we wouldn't be having this conversation. You just happen to be born in a Muslim family. As a woman, you are giving up your individuality & your power by hiding your femininity, which is your biggest asset. You must agree that through out history, man has tried & succeeded to disarm women, in all aspects of life... why would religion be any different???
You don’t need to defend religion from people; you need to defend people from religion.
I don’t take offense to any comments, or else I wouldn’t have a blog ☺
I hope I haven’t offended you either… I’m also saddened by people who never question authority, and prefer credulity. You are right to say because of the Hijab controversy that many people discuss it and they know nothing about it. But this is not the case here. The Hijab issue was not presented to me on Fox news one day. Without going into details about my life, I can tell you there is no ignorance or misinterpretations here. I wrote this post because I truly believe it’s the essence behind most laws that have to do with women. I’m looking at it beyond the details and the controversy, I’m looking at it from a purely HUMAN angle.
Good luck with your blog and thanks for stopping by ☺

Yap said...

Well written. We non muslim see that the muslim women are being abused everyday and the nonsense they have to bear. Muslim Men are corrupted and narrow in thinking and cannot see the beautiful aspect of humanity.

Go and fight for your own individual rights and let no one. men or god be in your path.

This is a problem when men created god...

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