Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wishing you a Hopeful New Years........

I couldn't post a short "Happy" New Year's Greeting without giving a moment to the grim situation in Syria... So bare with me...

The Big Elephant

The Arab Spring has divided people over an issue that is much bigger than toppling dictatorships.

In almost all the pro and anti government debates, you hear the same argument from the pro government supporters: “We don’t want extremist & fundamentalists…” and they have a point.

However, if you’ve visited the Middle East in the past 10 years, you will realize that extremism is ALREADY there and flourishing. It’s not only in in Syria, Egypt, it’s everywhere in the Middle East. Of course, when we say “extremism” we are talking about Muslim extremism. Yes, Muslim fundamentalism IS A HUGE problem, and it’s about time for fellow Muslims to admit it, address it, and do something about it instead of being in a constant state of defensiveness and denial. It is the big elephant in every Muslim room.

If you are one of those people that believe that the Arab Spring is a conspiracy by the “West” in order for extremists to take over, then I must say, you’re giving them alot of credit, cause that might be the smartest thing they have ever done!

Could it be that the West has realized that the only way to convince every Muslim (moderate or not) that an Islamic state is NOT the way by actually letting them try it out? After all, that’s how communism failed, by being tested. It’s genius.

I’m sure its been frustrating (especially for non-Muslims) to see the “moderates” turning a blind eye, and doing basically nothing to combat extremism even in their own countries, mostly cause they don’t know how. Well, there’s no better way to learn and there’s no better time than now. You want to bring back the ancient (and imaginary) “Muslim Utopia” where all religions coexist in harmony and we all live happily ever after? Let’s see it.

So my fellow Arabs, open your eyes real wide. You’re being forced to reexamine your society, your life and yes, I’m gonna say it: Your Belief System.

You have to figure this out, and fast. Cause when fascist, racist religious leaders start to take away your basic rights your gonna feel it where it hurts, and only then will you be motivated to do something about it… if at all.

I can understand why most of the Christians in the Arab world are feeling helpless. They don’t have a solution to this problem either, and so they decided to take the easy way out. Keep the dictators! Out of pure fear of the unknown.

Unfortunately, that’s a very short-sited stance and is only a temporary solution. They don’t realize that one of the causes of extremism is oppression & poverty. The longer the dictators stay, the bigger the elephant gets.

Sure, you can buy time by keeping Bashar, but you will have to face the music eventually. No one is gonna do the dirty work for you. There are no short cuts in life. No one said it’s easy to build a country… But also, it doesn’t all have to be gloom and doom. Give your self and your fellow citizens some credit. Revolutions are usually a start of great things to come. Why do we assume that those who seek freedom from dictatorship wouldn’t seek religious freedom too? Isn’t it worth it to give our country a chance? And if you think that it’s not, and you are against these revolutions, I’m sorry to tell you: It’s too late to go back now! You can’t turn back time. There’s nothing we can do to stop it, and with every day that passes, more blood is being shed, so by going against it, you’re just prolonging the process and wasting more lives.

Change doesn’t have to be to the worst. We can steer it in the right direction if we accept it, embrace it, and try to figure out a way to coexist beyond the grip of our dictators.

It’s a new year; try to have some hope, and faith in each other. (I know that’s a lot to ask, cause distrust is deeply routed in our “police state” of mind)

Yes, there will be clashes and confrontations, and it might get really ugly. So be prepared, and armed with an open mind & an open heart…

And no matter which side you are on… get ready for the showdown.

Happy New Years…

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jaffar said...

hey, im doing a project on the success of the arab spring. Could i ask you and use your opinions? cos you're so close to the the region compared to me(im in the uk). I was also wondering if you could tell me where else i should look for amateur bloggers who experience the revolutions in the different countries first hand.

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