Sunday, October 22, 2006

For heathens this Ramadan...

It's against Muslim etiquette to ask people that you don't know if or why they don't fast (or pray), especially if your asking females... but ofcourse we don't live in a world that cares about manners... So people do ask these questions... Some ask to be judgmental and give you a lecture, and some are genuinely "concerned" about your spiritual well being...
Either way it's presumptuous...
So since it's not fun to just answer: I don't fast... And since sometimes you don't feel like having an elongated philosophical discussion about your believes... Here are 4 creative (yet quick) ways to answer people this Ramadan when they ask:
1- Q: Why are you not fasting?
A: Why are you fasting?
(My question is just as absurd as yours)
2- Q: Are you fasting?
A: I'm fasting verbally... During this Ramadan I will not speak negatively against any organized religion, it's rituals or those who follow it. (that's ALOT to give up for 30 days)
3- Q: Are you fasting?
A: No, I have my period.
(If you're a female, this is not meant as a lie, but rather to embarrass (or shock) the person asking the question. If you're a male, it will be taken as a joke and hopefully there will be some laughs and you can move on to another subject)
4- Q: Are you fasting?
A: No, cause I was told dehydration is not good for my hangover.
I've personally used the first two this year... And I actually applied #2.
If you have any new ways to answer these questions... please feel free to post them here :)
Ramadan Karim & Happy Eid


Ana Min Beirut said...

He He He ... My favourite is number 4. I mean we don't want to mess with that hangover now do we ???



Leafless Eve said...

eh kharjo

The Raven said...

what a bunch of crap ur feeding urself dania,...same goes to that karim guy, and others who share the same views,...

ive been running around all such blogs trying to get ppl to see what they're all missing,...but all i get is my comment not approved or deleted by the very ppl who are shaking the world to free "freedom of speech"!

guys, guys, guys,...guys,...

i never met any of u in person,...yet here iam commenting on UR thoughts,...what does that tell u???

everybody can read it!

so religious beliefs is not to be attacked claiming ur sharing ur views!,...ur blogging,...ur in public,...ur voice is heard,...that DOES NOT mean u can use it to attack ppl's core beliefs!

or u so-called freedom-fighters believe in freedom (which non of u seems to really understand the true meaning of) yet u dont believe in respecting millions of ppl around u,...
interesting to say the least!

the point is,...
criticize the gov,..society,...ppl...the world,...

but when ur xercising ur own beliefs,...dont take it to the public and offend us all,...unlike u believe,..we do have feelings guys,...and we do stand up for what we believe,...yet a true believer NEVER attacks others beliefs unless those beliefs have been human-designed with hidden intentions to ruin others,....

i do agree ,MOST sheikhs and religious ppl dont understand their religion, and consequently pass on wrong misconceptions to the masses,...

yet the fault is purely HUMAN,..
dont involve GOD in it,...
islam is not to blame,...
its the way ur determined to see islam that could be the blame...

and im sure if i digg each and every one of u's past ,...we'll find out ur current beliefs are a product of years of feeding misconecptions about islam,....yet in ur minds,...u believed the fault is in their,..not in society,...

wake up guys,...step out of the dark and into the bigger picture,...

remember what the word respect means

oddly enuff , i was just watching a "house-swap" episode on TV,...and that father said it best :

"respect always comes before self-expression"

god,...i hope ppl get it oneday,...i hope ppl get it

Leafless Eve said...

Crap I’m feeding myself??? I’m exactly against being "fed" crap... that is why I’m against people telling me what I should or shouldn’t do when it comes to my beliefs. Who is Karim???

I never deleted any of your comments. I don’t even know who u are.
"trying to get people to see what they'ar all missing" Well, that's exactly what i'm trying to do 

Yes, we never met and you r commenting on my blog? So? that is the point. The point IS that this is NOT private, and everyone SHOULD see it.

There is NO attack here... there is no offensive language, so i don't know what you mean when u say that. But, even if i was attacking someone’s "belief" in telling a personal experience, u can do the same. You are free to blog about a story of a secular person that said to you: U shouldn't go to pray, or u shouldn't do this or u shouldn't do that... (I doubt that u will have such a story, cause secular people usually leave everyone the hell alone.)
Who told u that freedom of speech means respecting the “sensitive” ears of the people around you? It seems u have to go look it up in the dictionary. Just because u are surrounded by 100000 devil worshipers doesn't mean that you have stay quiet and not talk about their beliefs, and discuss them in a public way. I’m not saying you should harm or harass them in anyway, but anything u say to criticize their beliefs, they will consider disrespectful. So, we are back to the same point. It’s not the definition of freedom that is in question, it’s the definition of “respect” and being offended that is the problem.

There was nothing disrespectful about this post. If u are offended it's because u feel that u somehow have to "protect" Islam. YOU are NOT ISLAM. Islam is made of millions of people. Each one represents his/her views. I’m sure there are thousands of Muslims that not only do u not agree with, but you might even find “offensive” to you as a human. So who is a Muslim, u are them? You say YOU ARE, and they say, WE ARE. Therefore, there is no such thing as one Islam. (or one Judaism, or one Christianity)

"A true believer doesn't attack others beliefs" LOOOL this a joke right?

Yes, I am determined to show how ALL religions are great on paper, and fail in practice. I am determined to show that not only have they failed miserably, but they are actually creating more issues for individuals as well as nations. You can make it your determination to do prove the opposite. Write about how Islam (or Christianity if you’re a Christian) is helping your country, or your family, or your self. You are free to do so.

About being "fed" misconceptions: how do u know what u were fed? I was born a Muslim, and i'm pretty sure i can read and translate the Qur'an better them most of the illiterates that claim they "believe" is Islam, yet have never even read the Qura'an. The interpretations of the Qura'an come from many sources, so if u r saying that YOUR sources are better then others, therefore u understand Islam more, u are the TYPICAL Moslem. (and the same goes if u are a Christian)
To claim that anyone who criticizes a religion just doesn't understand it is such a Cliché. I can claim the same thing about you. I can say the reason you are defending it is ALSO because u don’t understand it, and that you’ve been brainwashed into believing in something without analyzing it. So, that doesn’t really get us anywhere.
And you kept repeating the word respect. Organized religion doesn't respect ME as an individual, it insults my intelligence, and in my lifetime has done more harm then good. Each one of them insults the other, and each one of them claims to be the “savior” of mankind.
Respect is EARNED my friend. I don't respect people (or books) just because someone told me I have to. That is PRECISLY what being FED CRAP is.
If u believe in God, u don't need to protect him from me. Have your relation with him, and let me have mine. Accept that some don’t believe he's even there, therefore, can't insult him. Accept that there are also those who believe in "A God" that doesn't necessarily have ANYTHING to do with any of the world religions.
Once u accept that people have different theories about our origin, and different theories about God, then you can accept that those people have the right to make fun of, dissect, and/or criticize other theories, JUST AS MUCH as u have the right to criticize their theories. I guarantee you that you can criticize the theory of Darwin (for example) and make fun of it, and show others that it makes NO SENSE and no one would feel offended. Just because Darwin didn’t say he’s a profit, doesn’t make him less legit. Just because you claim something is HOLY, doesn’t mean that IT IS.
A book is a book, our belief in it is what makes it more then that.
A theory is a theory, applying it and practicing and proving that it’s the correct formula is what makes the theory “true” or “false”.
Don’t take things personally. Criticizing traditional believes is the only way we can advance. And I guarantee you; there ALWAYS will be SOMEONE that is offended. Challenging old believes IS the reason we even HAVE 3 religions! Each philosopher (or prophet) corrected the wrongs of the other one (but unfortunately added some more of his own). Also, if there is no room for correcting misconceptions, there will be no room for discovery! Galileo was going to be killed because he said the earth was round! I’m pretty sure “someone” stood up and gave him the same speech u just gave me, about not offending peoples believes. (I’m not comparing myself to Galileo, I’m just making a point)
Freedom of speech is about expressing yourself & QUESTIONING what you want without feeling that you will be harmed or harassed because of your opinions. You are allowed to say what you want, and so am I. How else can we communicate? How can we have dialogue if you claim that YOUR views are SO HOLY that they are not to be addressed in any way?
No ones religious beliefs are ABOVE criticism.
Thanks for stopping by.

poshlemon said...

loved your response leafless eve.

Anonymous said...

To "The Raven:"

You said: so religious beliefs is not to be attacked claiming ur sharing ur views!,...ur blogging,...ur in public,...ur voice is heard,...that DOES NOT mean u can use it to attack ppl's core beliefs!

I say: just by replying to this message you are in fact using blog to attack leafless's beliefs... And I'm really offended (on her behalf)...

you asked:
i never met any of u in person,...yet here I'm commenting on UR thoughts,...what does that tell u???

My answer:
It tells us you have successfully learned how to use a blog

You said: Expression should come after respect...

I don't think anything leafless or any other person on this blog said anything offensive

And I don't think, as a born-Muslim, I or my beliefs, are being respected when other Muslims are taking interpretations into their own hands and exercising MY religion by blowing themselves up in the name of MY Allah and giving other Muslims a horrible image in the international community...
Respect is a two way street and it must be earned!!!!!!!

leafless stated her opinion about a topic we all can relate to in a humorous way... that is a very healthy form of discussion... if thats not what blogging is for than I don't know what is....just like Muslims have the very fair opinion (or its a fact according to them) that all non-Muslims are least what she is saying really doesn't force anyone to act a certain way, it doesn't judge anyone just because they were born into another faith, she doesn't do anything... she just speaks, yet... her words are very scary to you... why? Maybe cause there is some truth to them, maybe because they make you doubt your whole life style & beliefs. EVEN if its on a very low subconscious level... a thought.... the "what IF" that you quickly block from your thoughts while saying 'istaghfur Allah!"
Think about why your defenses go up right away instead of having a ready answer to shock her into silence like I have seen HER do to many religious people before... Think about it and you'll have some thoughts to ponder about yourself that you might not even have time to reply to these blogs... go search for the truth and stop defending what others told you the truth is... its your duty as a Muslim to go and LEARN, OPEN YOUR MIND, ACCEPT INFORMATION & fight for your beliefs, but fight with some intellect for gods sake, give us something to doubt our beliefs like we give you something to think about yours... Educate yourself, and if its doesnt serve you in anyway it will at least improve your rebuttals & it will make this much more difficult (& fun) for people like leafless... (education is your weapon) but you have to work hard, we're already ahead of you with at least 10 years of religious studies each (Leafless and I)
But what are u even defending???... what has the Muslim community done for you and your opinion of what the Muslims perception should be or what it should stand for... you're defending something that will never defend you if you stepped out of line... thats called conditional support... religion should not have any conditions....

If you weren't too busy being on the defense maybe you could have commented differently than allllll the other Muslims trying to protect their religion....and said something useful, or maybe something that can shed light to us on your point of view... saying words like 'freedom fighters, free speech, respect...bla bla bla' isn't going to get you anywhere with us anymore... we like it straight up ;) don't run around the subject by attacking everything attackable so you don't have to answer the main issue at hand..... CONVINCE ME THAT YOU ARE RIGHT!

The essence of organized religion is lost in the hands of the ignorant... I hate to break it to you, 21st century or not... we are still in the dark ages..and leafless (and many others) have a flash light...

We hope YOU get it one day... and one day... you will :)

leafless fan depuis 1980 :)

M said...

La Elah Ella Allah.

Yeah, eve is most likely a 17 year old immature school-flee that is WOWed by the blog thingy aaand the freedom-arguments thingy..but lemme ask you two important questions eve :

1- are YOU successful in life ? coz if you're not, your opinion won't push others any further forward and you got nothing to give..just rambling around...that's, if not.

2- why is it always that those who support you had naive comments while those who criticized you were very intelligent and logical ?? i wonder why..oops, i actually don't :)

p.s : you don't have to answer either of these questions, i can bet the farm that i already know the right answers for both. Plus, intelligent and logical ppl will, too.
stay cool.

Leafless Eve said...

Mohammadan Rasool ellah,

I'm not sure what u mean by "Yeah, eve is most likely a 17 year old immature school-flee that is WOWed by the blog thingy aaand the freedom-arguments thingy"
Care to elaborate?

1- This is a very broad question. Success in life means different things for different people... I'm very happy with my life and where i am today, if that's what your asking... i'm not sure what that has to do with anything but thanks for your concern.
2- People who don't agree with me are not logical TO ME, obviously... if i find them logical i would agree with them, no?

I'm not sure why u would wanna bet the farm to prove that you know me, but I'm flattered... it better be a nice farm ;)

Thanks for visiting M

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