Thursday, November 30, 2006

Catholic Fights to Have Church Lift Celibacy Rule

This is why Christianity has advanced and Islam is in the dark ages...
There is tolerance towards this woman... The Vatican didn't accept what she's doing, but they didn't accuse her of being a witch, and they didn't burn her alive (like they use to do.)
This lifelong Catholic realized that celibacy is a ridiculous and inhuman rule, and she's trying to change it. It is evident that more then half of the men that join priesthood have social and/or psychological issues... They find refuge in the accepting arms of Church, and become priests. (This is the half that end up molesting children.) The other half have a deep belief that they should follow the ways of Jesus to go to heaven... (What's funny is that no one really knows WHAT ARE the ways of Jesus... According to the Da Vinci code Jesus was married, for example)
Of course even if there was historical proof of this, the Catholic church wouldn't want to admit it, not only cause of the "Celibacy Scam" but also because it would mean that he was actually married by a Jewish Rabbi!) I think that would create quite a confusion for the poor souls trying to follow the path of
Ahhh, I can't believe people still follow all this nonsense... We are such slaves to any ancient text... We are The Slaves of the Scrolls (I like that... I'm on a roll today)
Maybe that should be the name of my first book!
Anyway... There will come a time, unfortunately long after I'm gone, when Christians/Muslims/Jews will no longer follow anything that the Vatican/Qura'an/Torah says, other then what falls under the universal laws of GOOD & BAD, which never needed to be clarified by a Book or Priests to begin with.
In other words, if the world still exists in 200 or 300 years, organized religion will no longer exist... It will only be remembered as a stage humanity had to pass thru in order to find true spirituality & wisdom... I find this article to be a step towards that.
(Note: Of course, what I wrote about priests, also applies to those who become "Shaikhs"... They both have social issues, but different kinds... Islam made a counter reaction to Christianity, by not only encouraging marriage/sex, but by increasing the number of
I'm pretty sure that most Christian priests back then yelled HALLELUIA when they heard THAT! A new rule fresh from Gabriel! Advocating marriage, sex, and a harem! Imagine how many quickly converted... It's a smart political move on prophet Mohammad's part... Especially since he also told them to reproduce like there's no tomorrow... Power in numbers... (Too bad he forgot to tell them that quantity shouldn't be on the expense quality.)

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