Sunday, March 04, 2007

???ﻻﻮ ﻮﻮﺸ ﺔﻤﻮﻜﺤ

Since the opposition decided to take action here in Lebanon, our news started sounding more and more like Palestinian & Iraqi news.
Power struggle, "takhween", blood shed, well, us alot less then them, economic issues...

And if I hear ONE MORE guy saying the words: "7okomet wi7da wataneyya" I'm gonna scream. It's like the catch phrase of the year! And the irony is that politicians keep repeating it like it's something that you can just buy from the supermarket... Something they have no control over. It's this amazing great THING that the OTHER group, the "bad guys", are not letting them have!
It's like: We DEMAND a govt. that represents our UNITY DAMN IT!
You better let us have our united govt. OR ELSE!
LOL hysterical!


Anonymous said...

Countries unit because of fear and not of love. The Arabs and the Islamic world did not totaly and clearly recongnize their enemies yet therefore they do not feel the need to unite. maybe a tsunami will give them a wakeup call.

Leafless Eve said...

But they all do agree on atleast one enemy. To them Israel/Zionism is an enemy. But what happened after they recognized it? Nothing.
To me, the enemy is ignorance.

Anonymous said...

We were raised to bow, we bowed and bowed until we disconnected with standing straight, unless we go back to the basics hope is not in the air. We must identify our weaknesses and capitalize on our strength, above all feel the truth and not only say it, reminding ourselves that languages do not communicate the truth but consciences do.

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