Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Custody Battle

For the past few months we have witnessed the conflict between the opposition and the Lebanese government escalating to a point that lead to riots, demonstrations, and unfortunately some innocent civilian causalities.

We watched the accusations, insults and the occasional name calling between members of both groups on our televisions. We read the verbal attacks in our papers. Big catchy headlines aimed to disqualify & damage the other party.
Yes, this is a political battle... and things do tend to get ugly... but how far should this go?
If both parties claim the other is "illegitimate", where does that leave Lebanon?
Civil war is no longer the danger here... There is a larger danger that is looming.
When the parents of a child go to court to take custody of this child, they put all their effort into proving that they are the fit parent. Sometimes they do try to show that the other is less qualified by pointing out faults, or by criticizing certain behaviors.

But what if they take it a step further? What if both start accusing each other of neglect and abuse? What if they resort to demonizing each other by trying to prove that the child is in danger if left with any one of them? What if they both equally convince the judge that this child would be exploited or mistreated with either one?

Well, the judge then will have no choice but take the child from BOTH of them, and turn him/her over to the custody of child services.
This is what is happening in Lebanon. We are in danger of loosing this country because we have divided ourselves into 2 groups that never pass on an opportunity to display each others shortcomings.
We are telling the world that we can't handle Lebanon. We are telling them that we can't properly take care of this country. Especially if we fail to reach an agreement concerning something as important as the international court to try those accused of assassinating former Prime minister Rafik Hariri.

If the "dialogue" fails, the government would be forced to pass the international court under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. This would take Lebanon into the unknown. It will erase all the efforts made to create a "sovereign nation" out of this small country that had more then its share of problems. It will be up to the "rest of the world" to decide Lebanon's fate. (This, ironically, is something the opposition says they worry about.)

Everyone in the government claims they want justice to be served, but some members of the opposition question the adequacy of the U.N.-backed international tribunal, and fear that it would be politicized. Even though they have stated this publicly, they also stated that their main problem with the Saniora government is representation, and not the court.*

*However, the resignation of Hizballa parliament members coincided twice with the international court talks held in the parliament.

The Saniora government vowed this court will take place, and accused the opposition of putting their own interest ahead since they are allies to the Syrian regime.

So, in history, and now again we find ourselves, like that child, being pulled in both directions, without consideration to the dire repercussions of this tug of war.
In an effort to get "custody", politicians from both sides have taken risks with this country's fate during this critical period. They have discredited each other, they have belittled each others abilities, and some even declared the others mere existence unconstitutional.

And of course, in the end, (like all parents) they claim they fight over Lebanon because they love it…

Maybe no one deserves Lebanon, and we need that judge to save us.

No wonder so many Lebanese "children" runaway from home.


Shirin said...

I totally agree with every word you've said. The politicians in this country are too busy proving they are right they forget what they are supposed to be spending their time on… meanwhile many people are still suffering and searching for ways out. I hope they get back on track before there is nothing good left in the country to keep our people in our homeland.

Khawwta said...

You’re absolutely right no one deserves Lebanon, that’s why everybody knows that the opposition and the Lebanese government can’t save Lebanon, so if the question is about Custody sure the “child” will be taken from BOTH.. ya3ni tyatamna

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