Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Closed Group

There's only 1 group on FB dedicated to Women in Islam, and it's called: Facts About Women In Islam
There are only 277 members, and their profile pics are either religious (them wearing hijab, or the word "allah" etc) OR pictures of famous actresses! lol This tells you alot about the psychology of the members.

Anyway, I'm sure the 2 admins meant well in creating this group, as they claim in sms English: "all r welcome to ths group..."
Yet, it's a "closed" You need to request permission to join.
They also mention: "here u can ask any personal questions on Islam"
This is very funny to me, cause:

1- There are no Muslim "shaikhas", so what exactly are their credentials to answer questions on Islam? They have a male Shaikh that they resort to... who is he? or who are they? what are their credentials?
2- We all know the reason this group is closed. Basically it's because the admins can't handle criticism. In another words, they can't handle the FACTS that someone else brings up, they just want to put their own.

So what is the purpose of this group exactly?

Women in the Muslim world have become their own enemy. They create circles and groups and spread the misconceptions & fallacies that they have been taught for years in order to feel better about their lifestyles... (the lifestyle they THINK they chose) These topics range from Religious laws, to sex, to "dress code" arguments. And even when you have similar views in the same group, they still fight among themselves on who's doing it "better", and who's more "pious", and 90% of the time, it's the extremists that win the arguments cause most of these women have no knowledge of the Qura'n or the history of Islam. So these groups become something like support groups... group therapy that helps these women cope... They need them in order to function in a world that's unfair to their gender. They go to these meetings in order to validate their choices, and reassure themselves. That's why they attract many, but accomplish NOTHING. Because there is no room for critical thinking or any "out of the box" ideas. It's all borrowed knowledge, and borrowed morals. Those who host these gatherings are of course in charge of making sure that if anyone "strays" from the path, they are put back on track.
It's a dangerous trend that started long before FB groups were popular. Example: The famous Qubaisiate (pronounced koo-BAY-see-AHT) movement lead by Munira al-Qubaysi. This is not a moderate movement by any means. They are pretty hard core. They also are a "closed" group. You need an invitation to attend.

I guess the only FACT that is evident here is that: When it comes to Women in Islam, the subject will continue to be "CLOSED" until further notice.

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