Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anaan & Assad

Lek biddi moot w a3ref sho 3am bi ello????? inno how do these conversations start?
Kofi: "How is the wife and kids? do you think you can stop the blood shed anytime soon?"
Assad: "ME?! LEK HAD MOO ANA! aslan wa'et saret el majzara ana kint 3am bitfarraj 3ala Harry Potter after i downloaded LEGALLY from itunes, shifet addaishni adami w be7terem el qwaaneen?" lol
w ba3dain biddi ifham why is it they always sit on 2 separate chairs like that so far from each other?! who can have a damn conversation LIKE THAT? SHOW US WHERE THEY REALLY TALKED DAMN IT!

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