Monday, September 18, 2006


Now that i'm back to Beirut... i realized there are things i really missed, and didn't know it until i got here...
I’m soooo happy I finally:
-Slept in my bed
-Used my computer
-Drove my car listening to my favorite radio stations ♫
(while cursing at other drivers… now that I think about it, I haven't used any words starting with “kis…” the whole time I was in Saudi! Then again, I wasn't driving over there either)
-Went to my supermarket and bought my favorite foods :)
-Had a home cooked meal (not cooked by me of course, which makes it even better) lol I was eating at restaurants the entire time I was in Saudi…
-Hung out with my 2 favorite people in Lebanon and had a few drinks with them (finally... I got some “Munkar” in my system!) Of course, this is one of the things i KNEW i missed :)

What should we toast to? Peace? Love? Health? Happy returns?
maybe all of the above... (the cynical me: maybe we should drink to forget all about the above for the next 100 years!)

Cheers everyone!

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