Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years, and did u see the video?!

The video of Saddams execution was the only thing people talked about at the end of this holiday season.....
I was busy partying, but.... i saved the ranting for my blog :)
First of all: Who cares what day they hang him? I wish people would stop giving importance to silly calendar dates... What's a day in the span of history?
3eed Adha, Christmas...bla bla They are just excuses to get drunk, or pray or do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself, feel like you "belong", and that you are part of something.
So, just because you take the holidays seriously, doesn't mean everyone else does... Especially if they are in the middle of a bloody civil war! They want to get rid of this guy ASAP, they don't care if it's Gods birthday or if it's the day when someone sacrificed a goat 100000 years ago.
Second, we Arabs/Muslims should stop feeling bad about something that is generally acceptable in our culture & religion. All of a sudden, we are FULL of emotions! "Ya 7araam Saddam"!
If you are against the death penalty, like myself and most of Europe, i could see how you can view his hanging as inhumane. But if you aren't, then what's the BIG DEAL? Was it the way he was killed? According to the real Shari3a law he was supposed to be beheaded with a sword! Imagine that? So, what the heck are you complaining about?
Yesss i know he's not the ONLY murderer... and i don't get it when people say: "Sho howeh el wa7eed illy attal 3alam?" LOL what does that mean? Do they suggest that he should be free, cause we can't catch them all???

I feel bad if ANYONE is killed, but that doesn't mean I'm about to defend a murderer and make him into something he's not. It's sad that we are so desperate for a hero, that we make a murdering a dictator into a martyr.
I also don't agree with the way it was done, it was very 3rd world, but after all, that's Iraq. That's how they used to hang people during Saddams time.
I have respect for human life as well as human death, and shouting stupid slogans at someone as he's being hanged is so low & disgusting... But you are dealing with "nawar"... Uncivilized grade C govt. officials in a 3rd world country that is in total ruins! What did you expect? something decent? Something organized?
Ya, if the Americans took care of it, maybe. But ofcourse the U.S. won't have any part of it, cause then you will have every angry Arab screaming, LOOK AT THE AMERICANS KILLING SADDAM!
Even if the Americans did it by lethal injection, in a clean place, with his loved ones praying around him. So why bother... Let the Iraqis take care of it THERE WAY.
The point is, i don't believe in the death penalty, but the Iraqis do, and the Shari3a does... The Iraqi court gave the sentence, and the Shari3a law blessed it: "Al qatel, yoqtal". (Tranlsation: The killer should be killed)
I wish the Muslim/Arab world would stop being so hypocritical.


Dareen said...

Hello...I like your post and honest opinion. Fi ishya kteer I agree with...but obviously, people hardly comment on the stuff they agree on :P

You mentioned that the people who carried on the hanging of Saddam are nawar and uncivilized!!! Well, I will have to disagree with you on that one. Most of those men who were involved had their own brother or father or mother killed by saddam or atleast, they themselves were tortured by him. Therefore, as humans, obviously they will be chanting stuff out, we are emotional creatures. Given what iraqies have gone through during Saddams's time in power, how he was hung was actually a hundred times better than the way he used to hang and torture people. I lived in Iraq & I've seen videos which I'm sure u can view on youtube and internet sites. Plus I've seen a number of them on satellite channels too. I've experienced what it means to live under his regime. How iraqies carried out the hanging was way more peaceful than I thought it would be.

If you do a survey in Iraq, about the % of families who have had some family member killed/severely tortured by Saddam, you'll be shocked. I wish they will do that one day, if not already done.

I did not care about the day they chose really. That man needed to be killed. The sooner, the better. I know that he did not suffer a whole lot during the hanging. From reading about it, he actually died almost instantly due to enough drugs injected in him ealier by the americans to calm him down.

Maybe if there is hell, then God eased his torture in life, to torture him in his grave & judgement day!!

:) Happy New Year and insha'allah this year will be a good one for everyone especially Lebanon & Iraq :) I think both of these countries have had enough pain and suffering. All the best leaveless eve.

I hope you don't take this comment as an attack. It really is not. Cheers.

Leafless Eve said...

lol ofcourse i don't take any comments as an attack :) or else i wouldn't want anyone to comment, and wouldn't bother having a blog.
I'm not in anyway sympathizing with the guy. I was actually annoyed at the hypocrisy of those who defend him. I will not argue for one second that his regime was anything but a murdering regime. I'm not arguing the sentence or the hanging, but as far as being civil, the way you take revenge is a BIG indication of how civilized you are. Revenge itself is an "primitive" concept. The more humane you are, even with your enemies, which is VERY difficult, the more "advanced" you are. I think it will take another 200 years for us Arabs to grasp this concept. The man is a former dictator, that deserves whatever the Iraqi court says he deserves, but if he's treated like he used to treat the Kurds or some Shi3a, then what changed in Iraq? This sends a message to the world, that nothing has changed. Leaving this hanging up to a few Iranian/Shi3a govt. officials while the entire world is watching is not a smart move. It proves to the world, that the Iraqis are still behind, and are very ILL prepared for a real democracy. I'm not saying he SHOULD have a civilized death, or he shouldn't, that's not really my concern... i even said that it could have been much worst... but that's my point about the level of "civility... I was saying that I'm not chocked, and i was merely answering the people that were shocked that this happened. They were shocked that the hanging wasn't just about the death sentence, but it was also an extension of the sectarian issues. They forget that we are Arabs. We are GUIDED by emotions. If that's good or bad, is not my argument... but that is our reality. The more civil you are, the more you can CONTROL your emotions. So, you can be victims and react as "nawar" at the same time. Every one of us can. Screaming religious/hate slogans at anyone who is about to be hanged is a LOW & uncivilized act.
Plus, I don't really know who these guys were that were in the room, but in a civilized country, carrying out a political death sentence is done with govt. officials ONLY. This is not about satisfying the blood thirsty family members of those who are killed... Cause if that's the case, where do you draw the line? If it was up to those family members, he probably would have been chopped to pieces and be given to the dogs. Maybe you feel that that is fare, and maybe i do too, but it's not about what we FEEL is fare, it's about the LAW. So, yes, anger and hatred is normal towards someone that killed a member of your family, but showing ANGER & hatred and disturbing the process of the death sentence just shows how "advanced" you are as a human being, and how well you control those "animalistic" emotions. It also shows if you are ABOVE your enemy, or you are as "hateful" as he/she is.
I expected nothing more from the "new" Iranian/Shi3a Iraqi officials that handled this hanging. That was the point.

Thanks for the New years wishes :) I share your same hope :) Cause hope is all we got.

Dareen said...

hey..I understand what you are saying...I think the middle east will never be civilized in the sense you are referring to. Arabs being muslims "shi3a or sunni", christian, etc will always act like nawar because ultimately, everyone wants to be in control. They will never be civilized about this matter.

Regarding the hanging, the people who carried out the hanging were actually government officials who had family memebers killed by Saddam. There were also few other witnesses who were not government official, just acting as wittnesses to confirm that the hanging took place.

Is it right? Ultimately, I think I'm against the whole thing of taking someone's life, no matter what they've done. I actually think putting them away for life is probably more of a torture than ending their life.

But, knowing so many people who suffered because of Saddam, this was the only way to feed their pain and agony they went through. So, be it. This is why I'm supportive of the idea of taking his life away. They did people and him a favour.

Is revenge the answer to things sometimes? I don't think revenge will bring back what you've once lost.

But this is why there will never be peace in the world ever. Everyone seeks revenge. :)

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