Friday, January 12, 2007

Garden of Eden

I've had this picture in my drafts for a while, so i figured it's time to post it now as per all the complaints of the lack of "leaflessness" :)

Ok, It's not me, but it's as close as your gonna get to seeing me "Leafless" ;)

(The photo is done digitally, it's one of the many amazing works of Gale Franey)


Feras othman said...

its so meaningfull , i like such art . abstract also is a wide base ,each one of us may describe from his own way or experience !!

nice work u r doing in here :)

Gale Franey said...

Hello, I am Gale Franey, the digital artist who made this art piece. It's title is actually "The Censor's Apprentice". It is about censorship. Thank you for putting my name under it, but could you please also insert a link to my website: or my gallery on Flickr: I ask that my name and link be posted with all my art. Thank you :-)

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