Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sho ya3ni "I LOVE LIFE"?
I heard someone asking that...
And i thought... "keef sho ya3ni?"
For me it was very clear... and very simple.
There's a very good reason why it was chosen for this campaign.
Those who HAVE a life just want to live it...
Those who "love life" don't believe that there religion comes BEFORE there patriotism. They see another way of "life"... They see a Lebanese strategy on how to defend the country.
The slogan is short and sweet to say, I CHOOSE to live this way... I reject your distorted political views, and your so called "cause" for dying.
On the other hand, those who lived all there lives under the brain wash & control of a militia, don't know another way to live. They are not very concerned with living THIS life anyway. They are waiting to "live" in the afterlife. It's another double edge sword that organized religion awarded humanity. Putting so much importance on the after life (hoping that would make better human beings) minimizes the importance of the role we play now, before we die.
So they talk about what "GOD" wants for hours and hours on TV. They pray all day... They create a "Hizb" for God. They even claim DIVINE victories... They think that's there DUTY. That's the reason they are here on earth. They know NOTHING else. "Moqawameh", or THE FIGHT is there LIFE.
So that's the culture clash... That's the fundamental problem.
(hmmm... i just thought of something, maybe there should be a "counter slogan" for Hizballa that reads: I LOVE THE AFTER LIFE... i just might photoshop that, and see if it
Anyway, the point is, the slogan is very appropriate.
I love life, means I REJECT fighting for "ideological" causes. I love life, means i want an end to political assassinations. I love life, means the only way you'll get me to fight to DEFEND my country is under the command of my OFFICIAL army, and not under any militia that hands me a weapon and tells me to fight, so i can be a hero or a martyr. I love life, means i just want to raise my 2 children (Yes, ONLY 2) and educate them here in Lebanon, and not somewhere else... I want to be able to offer them a hate free environment... a war free environment. I love life means: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE. I'M ALIVE NOW. AND I LOVE IT. SO LET ME BE.


FaiLaSooF said...

As if you were inside my mind leafless eve...

You are 100% right, and I'm glad that those of us who still care about life are trying to do something about it.

There's afterlife for sure, and I don't mind working for it, but that doesn't mean that I should F*** this life in order to gain God's acceptance!!?

Maya@NYC said...

hahhaha...loved the "I love the after-life" slogan!!
although i disagree a bit with the rest. i love life. i know i do. but i definitely don't support "march 14". but again, am not camping anywhere either.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“But the Iraqis do, and the shari3a does... So there you have it. Religious laws at work "Al qatel, yoqtal". ”

I’m afraid this has nothing to do with ‘retribution for Saddam’s alleged cruelties’, or ‘the tribal-vengeful ways of Arabian culture’ or ‘the tenets of Islamic jurisprudence’…

The Neocons of Tex-Aviv and the Persian thugs of Najaf both wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his modernist brand of Arab nationalism: even in jail, the man cast a giant shadow over them, and it was more than they could bear.

Had a look at your site (thought I’d see you leafless and I was a bit disappointed!): you seem to be a fine/rational person…how on earth can you be fooled by Hariri and Jumblatt’s pseudo-hedonist “love for life” propaganda?

I mean Jumblatt actually massacred tens of thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians (mostly Christians, but also Shiites) throughout the civil war.

As for Hariri, he’s a proud member of the Saudi-Wahhabi death cult- compared to which Khomeyni’s backward brand of Shiite fundamentalism passes for liberal enlightenment!

Leafless Eve said...

This is not about Junblat or Hariri, it's much bigger then that. This is about a giant wheel moving towards freedom & independence for all the Lebanese. Who ever jumps on that wheel will have my support. It's as simple as that. If Hizballa changes there attitude towards the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, and they treat it as they treat the "questionable" Israeli occupation, i would be Pro Hizballa. (Well, they also have to change there leader from a Shaikh to a regular politician so that he doesn't get deified like he is now)
Also, i don't know how u made the Hariri/Wahabi connection? I grew up in Saudi Arabia. I went to one of the schools that Hairi built. He did it mostly for the Lebanese that were living in Saudi Arabia that didn't want to go to Islamic schools. For me, he was always a hero before he was even known in Lebanon.
When I say I'm with March 14th, it means i support there views and there vision for the future. Which the other side lacks. It doesn't mean i support them personally, or support there history. I also refuse to go back to the civil war issues... Everyone has blood on there hands from the civil war... Ideally, i would like non of the icons of the civil war to be present in the Lebanese political arena today. But that's unrealistic (for now). I mean we can't get aliens from outer space to rule Lebanon. There are a lot of qualified Lebanese, but it's not easy being a politician, not just here, anywhere in the world. Look at Bush? do u think that he's the BEST that America has to offer?
So my point is, there has to be a transition period before u get rid of the old names that we all know... and if i have to chose from the bad and the worst, then i chose the bad.
Lebanon will prosper, as long as all the politicians jump on that "wheel" that takes us forward, not backwards. Hariri was part of what brought Lebanon back from the dead. The people that support his vision don't want it to stop.

(Sorry to disappoint u with the lack of "Leaflessness" on my

Walid said...

Did you see the real counter-slogans?
"We love life - in all its colors" and
"We want to live - in Lebanon; together; with dignity; in safety."

It reminded me of the state slogan of New Hampshire - "Live Free or Die". I sure hope those New Hampshire people are not all zealots too :).

Oh, and one more vote for leaflessness :).

FaiLaSooF said...

as leafless eve said, it's the spirit, not the politicians of March 14th what matters in the end. This is what we support, and this is our vision. Whoever thinks the same are more than welcomed to join our dream...

Fadi M. said...

Go onto that wheel (which is pushed by the lovely hariri and Sanioura )and hopefully we will end up in 10 years with 100 billion dollars debts. One day, the wheel will get over you (hopefully not !!! ). your TVA will be 18% , Ya habibi shou " I LOVE LIFE " on their way. they will let them " LOVE LIFE " in Paris or London after all the stress . I am not defending the Hezb but at least they are not bunch of crooks.

Allah yesstor 3a hal balad.

Leafless Eve said...

The suggestion that Saniora is a crook has no base. Even if you think Hariri is a crook, which he's not, but even if u want to pin the debt on him, atleast he's a crook that BUILT something. He's not a destroyer, he's a builder, always has been. Every country has a national debt. Especially a country that came out of a civil war, and 2 occupations. Where do u think most of the debt came from? Bribes to the Syrians my friend. Bribes to Birri, the biggest crook of them all. That's how Beirut was rebuilt... They wouldn't let him do anything without getting paid. They put obstacles in Paris 2, jannano! and now there doing it again in Paris 3... that's why we don't have an Economy, not because of March 14th. Also, Hariri had a concrete plan on how to close out all the debts, but they killed him.
No one but 7ariri would have been able to bring Beirut back to life. Now that he's dead, we hope that his spirit is still alive in the March 14th gang.

Khawwta said...

I love life = "baddi 3ich bi libnan w mout bi libnan bass akid mich hala2" (from LBC)

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