Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pain & suffering... Pain & suffering... Pain & suffering...

I've been reading the scrolling news subtitles for a while now... I think it's good exercise for my brain, and for my eye muscles... I can read faster in English & in Arabic then I ever could before!
But am I really comprehending everything?
I hope not.
How can I comprehend so much bad news in less then a minute?
Wars, Natural disasters, Riots, X dead Y injured...
I read these scrolling numbers, and mentally I just accept them...
Bad news first... Always the death toll comes, and then the injured.
The number of the injured is usually at least 3 times more then the number of deaths...
Do they really count ALL the injured?
Do they count the relatives of those who died?
Or the "injured" because of the injured? Like the parents who for everyday for the rest of their lives have to watch their amputee sons & daughters suffer?
We scroll by all the misery... We go quickly thru the pain... we feel "something" and move on. These numbers are so "distant". We can't possibly relate... How can we relate to all this agony?
Maybe if they make them fast enough I won't be able to read them at all.
It's not benefiting me anyway... and it's certainly not doing diddly squat for them.
SO WHAT if I know the truth? I'm not doing anything about it. No one can. Well, a hand full of people can. But they don't watch the news. They MAKE the news.

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Maya@NYC said...

very well said... it's true we get so insensitive to the numbers... after so many dead and injured, we don't put faces behind them or stories... ktir helo el post..

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