Friday, February 09, 2007

You don't have PINK!

A Reiki master once told me that since the year 2000 a new era of "female dominance" has begun... He mentioned the rise in the number of females in high profile positions as a sign of that. (Examples in business: Female CEOs: Xerox, New York Times, Lucent Technologies... In politics: 2001-2004 President of Indonesia, 2004 Prime Minister of Mozambique, 2006 President of Chile... and many many more... Not to mention Hillary Clinton, who might not become the first female president in the U.S., but it would be the 1st time a woman is even running for office.)

So I started thinking about the Middle East. Then I naturally thought: Lebanon.
To me, the likely hood of the 1st female president or prime minister in the Middle East to come from Lebanon just makes sense. I can go on and on about why, but let's just stick with the MAIN fact that most of the countries around us are either ruled by kings or dictators...
As we all know, after Hariri's death, and our independence, the female factor in our politics started to emerge. We already have a few female members in our parliament...
Which means we're at least on the right track...
I don't need to emphasize how important this is... Do I?
Do I need to go into how female representation in any political system shows a certain level of advancement..etc....?
I'm hoping the average reader already acknowledges this...

Which brings me to my next point, which I prefer to say rather loudly:
HEY, anti govt. guys: WHERE ARE THE WOMEN on your team?
"I LOVE LIFE in colors" my hiney.
You don't have PINK!

Think for one moment that the opposition will succeed (God or whoever forbids), and that we will be ruled by: Hizballa, Amal, (aw bala, i'm cracking myself up today) and the little Orange man.
Now, ask yourself:
How long do you think it'll take before we have a female president while we are under THAT umbrella?
LOL the idea makes me laugh.

This is just another example of what: "Biddon yraj3ona la wara" really means. (Incase some of you are still not clear what Future TV means by that.)
Yup, the opposition my friends is lacking the female gene. And frankly has way too much testosterone per "member" (no pun intended) for my taste.

So for all you ladies out there who would love to see the first female president in the Arab world come from your beloved country, Lebanon, and you still think this govt. is doing such a crappy job... Think again.

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